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A swallow builds a nest

Al Prestley Harmony RI 78

Antaliya Turkey 69

Barrington River 70

Black Stone Vally Ballet

Boats in the River 70

Boy at Carnival

Boy in Jerusalem

Boy with Bread in Jerusalem

Brighton Beach England

Bumper Car in Cresent Park

Cafeteria St. Petersburg, Florida

Cape Kennedy Space Center

Carnival RIde

Carousel Horse Riverside

Cassius Clay (Ali) 71

Child at Play Stuttgart Germany

Cormorants in Pawtuxet Cove

Crusader Fort Turkish Coast

Eldorado Westerly RI 88

Electric Power Providence, R

Family in Venice 69

Father & Son Jerusalem 69

Feeding Time Istanbul 69

Fishermen on Chesapeake Bay

Four Women in Constanine 68

Girl & Motorcycle Daytona 82

Girl on Train Stuttgart Germany

Harlem Nights 80

Hippo Kansas City Zoo 67

Hoge Sopha Mosk_Istanbul

Iron Fence

Iron Worker Providence, RI

KISS Rodie 78

Looking Out

Luxor Street Egypt 69

Mill Town, Fall River, MA 69

Mill Town Woonsocket RI

Oktoberfest Munchen 68

Pool View

Praying Man Wailing Wall 69

Praying Man Wailing Wall 69

Rod Stewart in Concert 80

Show Time!

Skip Jack Cheapeake Bay

Slater Mill Reflection

South Light Block Island 91

St. Petersburg, Florida_80

Street Sweeper Turkey 69

Sunday in Greece

Sweeper Istanbul 69

The Boxer

Top Deck

Truck in the Mist

Union Station Providence, RI

Venice 01 62

West Port Harbor at Dusk

Westminster St. Providence, RI 77

Woman Near Berlin Wall 68

Woman With Umbrela

Woods 92

Work Crew Germany 68

Yugoslavian Coast 69